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1. School of Computer & Communication Engineering

Welcome to the School of Computer & Communication Engineering. We offer post-graduate programs and pre-diploma of the best and promising opportunities to improve your career. Please visit the official website of the School of Computer & Communication Engineering for further information.


2. School of Microelectronic Engineering

School of Microelectronic Engineering is the first school established in UniMAP on 30 April 2002. At its inception, the only engineering school offers a bachelor's degree program of Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Microelectronic Engineering. Followed in 2003, another program was offered the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Electronic Engineering and a third of the engineering program BSc (Hons) Engineering Photonics was awarded in 2008.


3. School of Mechatronic Engineering

School of Mechatronic Engineering offers programs of study leading to BEng (Mechatronics Engineering), B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering), B.Eng (Biomedical Electronic Engineering) and Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering. School of Mechatronic Engineering was founded with the common aim to produce engineers who are not only proficient in the areas of technical specialization such as automation and robotics, but also equipped with business management skills, finance, technology and information systems.


4. School of Electrical Systems Engineering

School of Electrical Systems Engineering offers three programs, namely Bachelor of Electrical Systems Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Electronics Industry Electrical Engineering Power System. All the programs in the School of Electrical Systems focuses on the design aspects of electrical machinery, equipment, electrical systems, electronic equipment power and energy management for industrial use.

5. School of Manufacturing Engineering

School of Manufacturing Engineering offers two Bachelor of Engineering Bachelor of Engineering (Manufacturing Engineering) and Bachelor of Engineering (Product Design Engineering) and also a Diploma in Engineering, Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering.


6. School of Materials Engineering

Field of Materials Engineering, Metallurgy and Engineering Polymers is related to the structure and properties of materials that have applications in engineering. Materials Engineer, Metallurgical Engineer and Polymer engineers responsible for designing, producing, inspecting and testing of engineering materials such as metal alloys, semiconductors, superconductors, ceramics, polymers, plastics and composites. All three programs focused on the 'lab-intensive' in all courses offered.


7. School of Environmental Engineering

School of Environmental Engineering (PPKAS) was the seventh school that developed PPKAS UniMAP in January 2006. The program offers a Bachelor of Environmental Engineering, Bachelor's Degree in Building Engineering and Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering.


8. School of Bioprocess Engineering

School of Bioprocess Engineering (AEOS) was established in October 2005 after receiving approval from the Higher Education Ministry. AEOS offers four Bachelor programs, namely Bachelor of Bioprocess Engineering, Bachelor of Biosystems Engineering, Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Technology and a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering (Honours) (System of Agriculture).


9. School of Business Innovation & Techno

School of Business Innovation & Techno (PPIPT) was approved on June 4, 2010. PPIPT was established with the aim to be a catalyst in the course of economic knowledge and mediation in the field of business and management for all departments and colleges of engineering in particular, and society in general Perlis. For a list of programs offered, please visit the official website PPIPT.



10. School of Human Development & Teknokomunikasi (KOM)

Welcome to all students of the School of Human Development and Teknokomunikasi (KOM) our goal is to develop communication skills UniMAP students in different fields such as language, social communication, culture and information technology-related ideas. Then they will be able to understand and work easily with the outside world and gain knowledge sufficient communication to develop this country and to be part of scientists and inventors in the world



11. Faculty of Engineering Technology (Fe-Tech)

Faculty of Engineering Technology (Fe-Tech) was established in Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) in 2013. Its establishment is in line with the Technical University in Malaysia under the Malaysian Technical University Network (TUN), which is to educate and train talented workforce to contribute to the advanced industrial countries, in addition to being a catalyst for a national strategy to achieve high-income status.

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