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 Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and International)

The office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and International) is responsible for planning, organizing and supervising all academic matters. In general, it is responsible for the establishment of school of engineering studies and centre for academic enhancement in UniMAP. Specifically, its responsibilities cover the following aspects:

  1. Development of new academic programmes
  1. Enhancement of curriculum
  1. Academic programmes
  1. Academic quality assurance
  1. Supervision of the development of academic infrastructure
  1. Post graduate, graduate and diploma studies
  1. Internationalisation
  1. Human resource (academic)
  1. Supervision and registration of new intakes (students)
  1. Academic procedures
  1. Supervision of intakes of external experts (Academic)
  1. Planning of academic staff training programmes
  1. Supervision of ICT applications (academic)


Our Objectives :

Quality policy

University Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) is resolved on conducting  quality academic programmes to produce human resources and human capital that are able to fulfil the need of the stakeholders. UniMAP resolutely seeks to implement an academic administration that is professional, competent and efficient and places great importance on continuous improvement so that it will be more competitive on the world stage.


Quality Assurance

  • About 30% of the graduates graduating with CGPA 3.00 and above inevery convocation
  • About 40% of the lectures are Doctor of Philopsophy (Ph.D) holders or equivalent
  • Ratio of academic staff and undergrtuate students is 1:15
  • Employee satisfaction index is more than 80% annually.
  • Students satisfaction index is more than 80% annually.



The belief that knowledge is a trust from God to man as vicegerent to be used. The emphasis on applied science practiced by the human character will contribute to the harmony and prosperity. 

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