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Pre-Visit to Kilang Beras Dibuk Sdn. Bhd

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Kilang Beras Dibuk Sdn. Bhd. has been operates as a commercial rice mill in Perlis under Group Consortium International Rice Engineering (Thailand) Bernas Factory Buddies. Kilang Beras Dibuk Sdn. Bhd. is an entity that focuses on the industrial processing of paddy rice. The company has supply rice at wholesale (in shapes jumbo bag 1m/t) to major wholesalers of rice in the country. They have almost 100 loyal wholesalers nationwide. Dibuk Sdn. Bhd. main wholesalers include them OEL (Beras Cap Rambutan) and Ninamaju (Beras Cap Udang). But starting the season 1 of 2009, the company has been enter the wage scheme of dries and blend (SUMK) to supply all the rice and by products to Bernas to be packaged as National Rice subsidized 15% to overcome the shortage of rice in the local market.

Its determined to become as rice millers with capacity of 40,000 m/t per year within the next 10 years on a par with the major manufacturers of rice in Kedah-Perlis in particular and Malaysia in general. In addition, Dibuk also aims to be the main driver in drying technology and processing of rice in the country.


On the pre-visit, during the discussion, both parties (UniMAP-Dibuk Sdn. Bhd.) agreed on the date of 21 December 2016 (Wednesday) to held an Industrial Visit from UniMAP to Kilang Beras Dibuk Sdn. Bhd., and the purpose of the upcoming visit are;

(1) to Provide technical exposure to UniMAP staff about the process of rice production in the Dibuk Sdn. Bhd. company and Feri Vechicle Transporter "Langkawi Auto Express".

(2) to gain experience on industrial achievement based on previous track record and capability as well as ethical practice applied by Dibuk Sdn. Bhd. in implementing the tasks and challenges that carried out by engineers and management staffs. 

(3) UniMAP-Dibuk Sdn. Bhd. collaboration between the parties for the purpose of achievement on engineering activities (especially on research) that can bring success to both parties (win-win situation).

(4) In parallel with Professional Development Programme (PDP) program for upcoming Professional Engineer.


Special thanks to Dibuk Sdn. Bhd. especially Haji Marzukhi Othman, Chief Executive Officer of Dibuk Sdn. Bhd and his Son Mr. Ezreen Muhaizie Marzukhi, Director of Dibuk Sdn. Bhd. for the special treatment during the pre-visit and an agreement for the upcoming visit.


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